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Custom Software Development Services

At Webvarad, our focus is to meet the customer specific need-based software solutions through designing, developing, and building comprehensive tools which has the desired agility and high-quality output aiding organisations to become more and more smarter.


Enterprise resource & process management

Asset management, Project & task management, Resource & workload management, PLM, PIM, HR and talent management, Sales & marketing automation, Risk management, Compliance management

Customer-centered software

Customer service, incl. call center & self-service, CRM, Customer analytics, Customer portals, Advertising & digital signage, Chatbots, Ecommerce, Client apps (e.g. mobile banking, shopping apps)

Financial management & accounting

Budgeting and planning, Invoicing and billing, Cash management, Revenue management, Expense management, Financial audit, Bookkeeping

Knowledge & productivity

Learning & training systems, Knowledge management, Personal productivity & digital workplace, Employee monitoring, Content management & DAM, Collaboration & intranets

Supply chain management

Inventory management and optimization, Order management, Warehouse management, Procurement and vendor management, Delivery management


Business intelligence, Big data solutions, Forecasting & optimization, Image analysis & AVI, Risk analytics


Our experts are determined to cater to your needs and find befitting
software solutions
with minimum cost and maximum satisfaction.

End-to-end Software Development

From the exceptional design concept to the curated product development and the implementation of the software. Support is provided to add new features and increase value.

Legacy Software Modernization

We can re-code or restructure your legacy solutions with modern technologies and architectural patterns, migrate them to the cloud and expand their functionality.


The process of finding integrals to let it serve you as a tool to solve problems is what we believe as an integration. This is what we do with ERP, CRM, PDM, MES and customer portals, AND you name it!


We can create clean, secure, and well-documented APIs, extend automation across the enterprise, or enable seamless integration of custom solutions with other internal / external systems.


We can take over responsibility for consistent performance management, troubleshooting, evolution and change management to keep software healthy, relevant, high-performing.

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